Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunny October Day

I didn´t expect it would get so hot today! First of all, at school was the notoriously famous photo day (for that I wore something different). I think this time the photo turned out quite beautiful! Why do you always look strange on class photos, every single time? It's funny somehow ... Back home I changed my outfit because I thought it might be a bit cold, went outside and was glad that I had two tops keeping me warm. But then I was in front of this wall, as you can see here, and it was so hot! I got the feeling that the sun shone more than during the whole summer. Therefore, sorry for my slightly strange facial expression. I know my I-look-directly-in-the-sun-face is not the loveliest, but whatever.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another Black Bag

I apologize in advance for the dirty coat, I can not keep it clean longer than a day, not this one. There are some clothes that you just always throw on the ground, because it simply makes no difference at some point - see my black coat. On the other hand, I´d never let some special garments or accessories get dirty, e.g. my favorite bag that´s always placed in a proper, upright position if it should come in contact with the ground, to avoid the coat effect. Kinda funny how differently we treat our clothes, right? Do you know the coat effect too? Are you also owning only black leather bags? Probably not. I always buy black leather bags because they go with everything. Do you also have something that you can never get enough of?

Monday, September 15, 2014

The New Classic

Today I picked the classics in the closet: A trench coat, a blue and white striped shirt and as an eye-catcher my leo slip-ons. Only one thing was missing, namely my handbag. How could I forget my bag!? After all, I had the jacket because it was autumnly-fresh outside and what could be better in fall than THE season perennial trench coat?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Elba Moments

These are the last pictures from my vacation! They were taken on Elba, a beautiful little island. The only bigger city there is Portoferraio and it is a meeting place for the rich and famous, which really surprised me. When I saw the harbor, the many yachts and the deep blue water, I was overwhelmed. There are also two forts and the house of Napoleon, the Villa dei Mulini.The weather was, initially, rather bad and the sky overcast, so the beauty of this place doesn´t come out that well in all the photos. But then the sun came out and the island offered a breathtaking view!

Friday, September 5, 2014

La Dolce Vita

Here are a few pictures of my Italy vacation in Tuscany. I was in Florence, Pisa and many lovely little villages. It was really refreshing and the weather was great, even if it doesn´t look like this on some photos! Pictures of Elba are coming soon in another post because it would have been too much to pack them in this post, too.
Different topic: New York Fashion Week! Yes, the time of the big shows has finally arrived and we can not only look forward to plenty street style images, but also see the trends of coming spring.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Italy / Firenze

These pictures were taken infront of a church near the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence. From there you can see all over the city to the horizon! You see the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, the Arno, and it´s not far from the city center. Florence was not the only stop on my vacation in Italy but one of the most beautiful! The biggest surprise was, no, not that shops are closed over lunchtime, but a huge crowd in front of a hotel, from which the king of Malaysia came out. Unfortunately I couldn´t make a good picture of him because I was only standing in the second row of 50 (?).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Barcelona & La Boqueria

Yesterday I came back from Barcelona! It was really warm and my feet still hurt from all the walking through the city. Besides the Font Magica, the Sagrada Famìlia and the nature and art park Park Güell, I liked the market La Boqueria best. The range of food is really huge. Whether sweets, exotic and indigenous fruits or fish, you can find everything in these market halls!